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Babe of the Day 


Adela - Eastern Europe

Hi guys. I'm sure you'll like east European girls, because that's where I am from. I'm from a small village named Brno, it's very pretty and I've lots of great memories of my childhood in the town. I was 17 when I decided I wanted to be a model. My parents weren't too sure at first, but then I started to make good money and they didn't mind! I like all sorts of stuff when it comes to modelling  I've done fashion, shows, catalogues and magazines and now, some sexy stuff! I'm really comfortable being naked in front of the camera, especially being a VirtuaGirl model. It's made me less shy now doing nude pics. Thanks to VirtuaGirl video shoots I have the confidence to do whatever I want!


You might suppose that life's boring in this tiny little European country but, really, it's not! Most of the guys over here are bankers, merchants or stock traders, but at night these party animals become some of the most exciting people I've ever met. They love to party and to pass their nights and flash their cash with cute chicks like me. I can't imagine living elsewhere. Or being anything other than a Virtuagirl model.


Listen carefully to my message guys! We are nothing but a tiny part of the universe. Nothing more than a bunch of humans all trying to be different from one another, just to lead the best life we can. No matter how many great or tragic moments we get, existence is short... we shouldn't worry about details. So I became a VirtuaGirl...To relax, enjoy life to the max and bring as many people as possible with me on the road to utopia.

Adriana M

The other night I was drinking with a bunch of sexy guys... Knowing I was a VirtuaGirl video model they were all trying to seduce me. I must say they were all very attractive. They all wanted me to choose which one was the sexiest hunk. It was a nice feeling, and arousing as they were each trying to be more gorgeous and sexier than the others. I was making it even harder (difficult) for them by pretending not to be excited or interested. I finally said I'd would invite the four of them to my hotel and play a little sexy game. They all came (more than once!) Why choose one when you can have the lot!

Adriana M ...More!

It's already well known I love to make love with several guys at once. What I didn't yet mention is that I prefer it more when other girls join in too (wonder when VirtuaGirl will film that!) The other night I was with a group of guys I'd met in a night club. One of them asked me if I would mind if he invited a few sexy babes he knew from university. Obviously I said yes! I've got to say it was unbelievable. Those chicks were so horny and cute, it took me three days to recover!


Greek mythology and Aphrodite is the goddess of love, of beauty and of sexuality. Aphrodite was born when Uranus was castrated by his son (Coronus) who then threw the severed genitals of Uranus into the churning sea which began to foam around them. From the aphros - ocean foam,  arose Aphrodite. Virtuagirl model Aphrodite was born in Budapest, so we're not too certain about the sea foam stuff, but being a goddess of love and beauty, that's a promise!

Agnes - Scotland, UK

Hello boys... I'm delighted to be a featured VirtuaGirl here and I hope we're gonna have some sexy fun together. I'm from the highlands of bonny Scotland and I'm sure to teach you guys a thing or two about Scottish babes. To start, we're fiery redheads and know how to drive any man crazy with desire. Also we adore making love out outdoors, so if you're sitting comfortably, enjoy the sexy show...

Aimee Sweet - Rhode Island

Hi! I was born in Providence, Rhode Island where I enjoyed all my teenage years. While there I developed a taste for performing on stage. I moved to California shortly after my 19th birthday and fell under the spell of California, in love with all the beautiful people and places there. I met Suzie Randall in '97, August to be exact. She is the one person I credit with my Modelling success. I really love being in front of the VirtuaGirl video camera and plan to enhance my career as a glamour model and film actress.


I'm so lucky to live in a small town lying near the mountains and so close to the sea. A perfect location, especially through the summer with guys from all around the world coming over to take their summer holidays. When I'm not working on a VirtuaGirl photo or video shoot, I love to spend hours on the beach just watching then carefully picking out my next prey. The greatest thing about the beach is men just can't hide the most 'interesting' parts of their bodies and, only wearing swimming trunks, have no choice but to let us see and admire what they have to offer us girls:)


Horny cutie Alena. She's definitely not Just another Blonde Babe? Nope, this serial VirtuaGirl was so sexy and open minded that we even paid her double for an extra photo shoot! When you see her stripping in true Virtuagirl style you'll want to keep her as your desktop wallpaper forever.


I know men. I know that some guys love to be nasty. What they need, and would love to have, is a mistress who knows exactly what it takes to punish them. I'm the mistress of your dreams, the dominant Virtuagirl you've been searching for. I can see you've been a bad boy and you really deserve what I am itching going to give you! Get yourself bent over baby. First a bit of hanky-spanky and then...

Alexandra - Dublin, Ireland

Ireland. It may be a small country and have a small population, but it's definitely a great place to find a beautiful lady. People here love to go out, to drink a couple of beers with their pals. So, I decided to open The Bimbo Club recently. Every night, loads of guys from all over Ireland come around here to see me performing on stage, stripping just for them. I'm a real red haired chick, as all the Irish men will tell you. Why not see for yourself?

Alexia - Barcelona, Spain

Did you ever spend the summer in Barcelona? You should! My Spanish hometown is definitely the hottest place the world, whilst I'm in town anyhow. Fact is, people are so broad minded here and nobody judges you at first sight. The weather, being so hot and sunny, means girls always wear very sexy short and skimpy clothes. Sounds just like paradise, doesn't it! I get so excited, even though I love strong muscular men, I really enjoy the contrast of sharing my bed with a young and hot cute babe...

Alexis Amore - Peru

Hi guys! I am sure you'll enjoy my VirtuaGirl performance here. I began modelling when I was 18, just a few years after leaving my native Peru. I was keen to quickly carry on for a couple years doing professional striptease acts, I guess this is why I developed a great sense of sensuality. See for yourself, download me, watch me strip naked!


Alison, just 18, could not wait another day to perform for us here at the Virtuagirl studio. She's so exciting, young and fresh that you just won't believe what you're seeing! We're confident she will go on to be among the top glamour sex models in the world in absolutely no time. Are you ready to unleash her on your desktop today?

Alyssa - Italy

I was born in one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, Pisa, 23 years ago. I'm sure you have heard about its leaning tower plus the other many historic monuments. But you really need to know about all the sexy girls you can meet there. We are typical Mediterranean chicks, that is, loud, jealous with a fiery passion, but also so hot and sexy and always ready for new and exciting experiences, with an insatiable appetite for fun and pleasure. Just like Italian food, our cutes gals are spicy... and always surprising!


I think striptease dancing is the most beautiful way a woman can express her innermost feelings. Dancing naked in public is so exciting and erotic that every woman should learn how to strip for her partner. I'd love to create a sexy cabaret act playing sensually with rustles and feathers.


Hi Boys. I was impressed when I became a VirtuaGirl stripper for you. All the hot lights and the cameras pointing towards me, I felt like I'd found the password to become a Hollywood movie star The team treated me very nice, so I gave them them best of me! Enjoy...

Amber Michaels - Germany / Florida

Hi, Amber here. how ya doing? I was born in a small German town but was brought up in Miami, Florida. I love tattoos and piercings! I've an Ankle tattoo, one behind my neck, and a beautiful Scorpion tattoo on my pussy. You'll love my pierced clit and belly button, all the guys love those. I love meeting my fans, working out, hiking, camping, cooking, dancing, of course, SEX is my favourite hobby.

Ambra - Quebec, Canada

Ever been to Quebec, French speaking part of Canada? you really should come over, it's the most exciting place in North America. Fact, like me, girls are really addicted to men. They're always willing to experience new things. For example, I've never know so many swinging clubs in any other place. It's like people are  sex maniacs, which I find pretty cool! Who wouldn't?


I think a women's strength lies in her sensuality... I feel the moment when a girl has offers the most is when she undress's at night revealing her sexy underwear... Women have such power over men's emotions. And I love exploiting this power...


People are surprised when I tell them I'm a pro go-go dancer. Some men pretend not to understand how a shy girl like me gets naked in front of a bunch of horny excited guys who pay to watch and touch. Women pretend to be disgusted saying they wouldn't do it for a 'million dollars' That's a laugh. I am simply doing this because I love to. I'm cute and love to strip and just simply love to be touched by randy men and... Women

Anastasia - Russia
Want to know what makes us Russian babes different from the other girls? You can see, we've got all the required physical assets that men are longing for. Anyhow, life's so hard around here that we have learned to deal with it... We've learned to become real manipulators. Still, we're so greedy that most guys I've met always love it, and I know you will too. Why? Simply, I'm the Virtuagirl you've been looking for. So let me be your plaything, your own private toy.


I'm pretty shy with most guys when I start to date them, but when like them and know them better, I turn into some wild animal, dying for some red hot action every night. I just can't get enough of a good thing. I like men who know how to treat a lady, but sometimes I love being treated like a really bad girl, it turns me on and the guy loves to know he's the boss. I don't mind when he's a good lover, he's free to do whatever he wants!


How do you like the first pictures of me boys? I would bet on it! The crack VirtuaGirl team here did a great job but tell me that it's because my body is near to perfection. I must say that I've had no complaints and I've always been successful with men. I guess they like my toned body, tanned skin and my green eyes. But maybe they even prefer my firm breasts and my round ass...

Angel - Bogata

I reckon you've all heard about Bogota. Here's one of the most exiting places in South America. Join me and my girlfriends and we'll show you its trendy nightclubs. That's where I go out while I'm here. I then bring some friends back home. Then, a quick shower and breakfast and we all go into my bedroom to play erotic sex games. There's usually more guys than girls because we're so greedy! They need substitutes, but we don't!

Angela - Ukraine / Australia

My folks left the Ukraine when I was a baby and settled in Sydney Australia 20 years ago. I spent most of my childhood tanning on the beach surrounding my neighbourhood, surfing and sunbathing then swimming with my buddies. My parents kept telling me should study. But I learned instead of wasting my time on the beach I quickly realized my sexy body and slim figure would be my winning hand. It was a risky bet but I finally had success with Virtuagirl. Like it? of course you do.

Angela Michelle - Sweden

Life is getting really exciting now. A few years ago, when I was a shy collage student, I wouldn't have dreamt that I'd become a successful stripper here in Europe. Check my VirtuaGirl pictures, you'll soon understand why my body gives guys a thrill. Though, I'm sure my spirit and the way I view life, the Swedish way, is the real reason why you hunks want to share a little intimacy with me... That's no problem at all, I've a hell of a lot to give.

Angelica - USA
As one of my good American girlfriends says, there's something a bit special about French girls. Of course we look sexy and cute, but sometimes we can also be a bit nasty. Each summer we go topless on the beach, and knowing perfectly well the fella's are watching, getting horny with the tiny G-string bikini or thong we have on. But don't go thinking we're easy 'cause we aren't. That said, if you can catch us you won't regret it!

Angel Cassidy

Hi Boys, I'm Angel and I've modelled for the biggest and the best in the adult industry. Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and finally I'm snapped up by VirtuaGirl, it's so exciting! I've enjoyed working for the greatest companies in the world. I love being sexual and I've enjoyed life by exploring all my erotic fantasies! I had a great time shooting pics and video's with the VirtuaGirl team, they are all pros and pretty cute as well. Enjoy my stripping animations, nude photos and sexy videos boys, Tonight you need no password, I'm all yours!

Angel Dark

I love this  job! I always knew my future and fortune would be guided by my body, my charm and talent. Much of the time I play in movies so having this day stripping and posing is pure relaxation. A special moment of pleasure. I gave it my best for you fella's, enjoy me!

Angie - USA, Mid West

I was born on a farm in the deep Mid West and I only really discovered the real world when I signed on at university. A few days ago a friend invited me to a basketball game to meet her hunk of a boyfriend... He plays in the team. It happened to be a fantastic idea. Come the end of the game we went down locker room to meet him. Oh my god! The whole place was crammed with sexy dudes! What else could I do? I took a shower with them!


Many people think you've to visit hot and exotic countries to meet exciting people. That's a big mistake, honestly. Believe me, if you ere to come to my place, you'd soon discover my girlfriends and I are be some of the most 'hungry for love' types of girls you've ever met. So, that's why fella's from all over Europe fly over here each summer. That's cool, We're always interested in new exciting experiences. Check me out boys!

Anita Dark

Well, here I am finally! So, what'd you just love to know about me that you don't know already? Well, I started my modelling career in Hungary where I was born. This VirtuaGirl photo session and video striptease reminded me those wonderful years when all I loved to do was to be myself and let my sexuality express itself.


The other day I went to see my best friend from college. She was celebrating her birthday. I must say that I will always remember that day. In fact, we were the only two girls there. The other 17 guests were all guys, and very good looking ones too. At the beginning of the party it was quite strange because everybody seemed so shy. But, after an hour or so and a few drinks, things began to go the way we all expected, if you see what I mean! Yes, I'm pretty sure you all know what I mean:)

Anna Marie Goddard - Holland

I was born and raised in a tiny farming village in Holland called Ysbrechtum. My modelling career has taken me around the world and now to Los Angeles where I've modelled in roles for Playboy, starred in Austin Powers 3 and Baywatch. I've also hosted 'Real TV' among several others. So, I've appeared on the cinema screens, TV screens and now thanks to VirtuaGirl, computer screens. So, this time I'm stripping just for you. Download my VirtuaGirl2 striptease!


Hi there, I'm April. I heard the guys down at VirtuaGirl were really cool and I just knew we were gonna have lots of fun together. I'm ready and more than willing to strip and fulfil all your most wicked desires. Ask me nicely and your wish is my command. Believe me, you won't be disappointed...


A 'perfect 10' babe, this is the slimmest, most sexy Santa Claus who's ever been featured in a VirtuaGirl animation. Wait to see Ariana wearing a skin tight red Christmas outfit and stripping on your desktop. You'll see what we mean when we say, have a Happy Christmas.

Aria Giovanni - California, USA

Although I was born in the state of California, USA. My nationality is actually an interesting mix including Italian, French, German, Irish, Yugoslavian and American Indian. Wow! I just love being a model. It means I get to travel all over the world, usually being treated like a goddess by all men everywhere. I still can't seem to find 'Mr Right' though! Perhaps you and me should get to know each other more than a little better?


Here they come, the crying wolves! They're hungry and eager to bite! In books, movie films, and everyday life, wolves are everywhere you look. The wolves (men!) are full of passion and pride. And, They usually display their guns rather their guts. Where will we women find room for ourselves to fit in with that crazy mankind. Maybe we are only objects? But, now  things are changing... We foxes can bite back. So, you tell me, Who controls a serial VirtuaGirls steering wheel? You or me;)

Ariel Piperfawn

Hey boys, I'm 100% dedicated to you. I just love revealing myself and dancing naked in front of a huge male audience. I wish I could see you guys now, touching yourself as you watch my sensual nude body in all its detail. let me show you my all...

Ashley - Australia

Like to know what makes my fellow Aussies different from others? Well, quite simply, we're straight to the point types.  That's why when I meet any good looking guys who make me horny, I just jump on him and tell him to be my new lover. Problem is, sometimes this can happen several times a night... I Just can't resist it.

Asia - Korea

Ten or fifteen years ago, it was so difficult for a girl to make a living using her sexy body in Korea. Things have changed now though, we Korean girls have become very popular worldwide. Some may be surprised that behind our shy and frail image quite often lies, a greedy evil searching for real men to give real male pleasure! Just Like me, my Korean sisters know well how to seduce guys, so I can guarantee one thing you will be bewitched!

August - LA, USA

August was the first model to have been filmed in the new Los Angeles VirtuaGirl Studio. She is absolutely beautiful, intelligent, and she has an amazing sense of humour. Hmm, and there's also something rather nasty that we're sure you're going to just love about her!


As the saying goes, 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and neither was I. In short, I used to be a slapper, following my older brother to his nightly escape. My parents wouldn't let me have much freedom, so I could feel the growing urge to break free inside my body and mind. Once I'd turned 18 I become very aware of my femininity and I discovered I could live my own life with no one trying to take control, either male or female. Becoming a VirtuaGirl has opened up a new chapter in my life.

Axelle Mugler

Since I was very young I've always loved dancing. That's why I became a professional stripper when I was only just 18. Nobody knew I was that young, and no one complained about what I was showing my body off. When I turned 19 I was given the opportunity to appear in an adult movie. I've since become one of the most successful adult film actress's in Europe. I still adore to dance and love stripping... especially since I know all you guys are watching me... Enjoy.
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